The Promise of a Wonderful Future

by Clark's Secret Identity

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released December 6, 2016

Shane Anthony – vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards, tin whistle, bells, percussion
Matthew Bankes – drums
Keith Horning – bass

All music and lyrics by Shane Anthony
-except tracks 1 & 6: music by Shane Anthony, lyrics by Matthew Bankes

'The Messiah Alumni String Quartet' on tracks 5, 6 & 7:
Karen Spang – violin
Brianna Carnathan – violin
Priscilla Paino – viola
Alex Sredenschek – cello
String arrangements by Shane Anthony

‘Laughing Stock Choir’ on track 2:
Shane Anthony, Ben Anwyll, Matthew Bankes, William Donaldson, Theresa Gaffney, Keith Horning, and Lindy Mack

Produced by Shane Anthony
Recorded, mixed, and mastered at After 7 Studios, Mechanicsburg, PA; engineered by Robert Richardson
Piano recorded at The Camp Recording Studio, Elizabethtown, PA; engineered by Rick Sudor
~ June - November 2016 ~

Art, photography & design by Shane Anthony
Front cover photograph & additional photography by Theresa Gaffney

Thank you for your time.


all rights reserved



Clark's Secret Identity Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

reaching, falling from the light

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Track Name: Dolce Vita
It's getting to the point
Where I lose my faith in all humanity
More concerned with ourselves
Eyes locked in to the mirror of vanity

Will we continue to look the other way?
When will we begin to show humility?
I see it each and every day
Ignorance growing so blissfully

Dolce Vita
Is the sweet life what we are living?

It's coming to a time
Where the world will fall upon itself
But we don't give a damn
Do not for others but do for yourself

Will we continue to look the other way?
When will we begin to show some charity?
I see it each and every day
Kindness is turning to rarity
Track Name: Laughing Stock Nemesis
In mortal reassurance I traverse this barren way
Making rounds with all the sounds of peoples’ words
Head down from the home I once had, a drifter newly born
And the biggest sucker you’ve ever heard

But I still won’t give them right of way even now
And I know I’ll find a new home somehow

I’ll level this down for you
Even though I shouldn’t have to explain myself
I put my hopes and dreams on hold
That world is gone; I have no choice but to walk away from it all

Shall I fade into clockwork or emit my own light?
Shall I do away with all the relics of the past?
I’m a butterfly in a jar with the lid sealed on tight
An accident in a running car who’s breathed my last

No honor in leaving
No honor in staying

The show is done, please move along
No longer welcome in this town
You've been of use and had your high
Now hello, goodbye, thank you for your time
You were nothing but a fine example for the lost
Now don't come back, your time is through
We barely even wanted you
Track Name: Opacity
Got nothing to say
Something's not okay
Don't look at me that way
The shade of your eyes betrayed grows dark

Fondness dies when hypnotized by the fading glance of whom you barely know
Is another chance, a second chance beyond you?
Opacity lost

I have no need for shelter, or a lullaby to justify my irresponsibilities, believe me
But please don't toss away the shred of care I have to give for you
Capacity lost

Pour your rain on me and I'll give you this smile
For now it's all I got and I just need for you to trust me please
Put your trust in me

Who are you to me?
Can you see through me?
Track Name: Oblivious
A child not of status stands
The playground is empty land
The sand falls through its lonely hands

Let this moment pierce the darkness

Years later, solitude
Without company, made it through
Nothing but freedom of youth

The dreams of the wanderers constantly searching
United in perfect telepathy

I promised myself I would carry my weight
Cause they come and they go at the end of the day
I promised myself what I hadn’t before
Cause after high school ends it just don’t matter anymore
Track Name: Into a Thousand Pieces
Blindly we fell into our messes
And came back a few ailments more
Crossed and helpless, picture frames smashed across the floor

But please keep your head up cause there’s still time left
We both made it out still alive
Yet no other survivors, no one to throw flowers upon our graves

Every night down on your knees
When you’re shouting at the sky and waiting for an answer
Where does the rising toll to the gateway to your soul come to an end?

Falling from the light
A thousand pieces lay
As many moons pass by
Never feel again

To the end
Feel again
Track Name: An Indecent Solution
Red sands blow across the landscape
Red seas crash onto the shore
The dead fertilize the fields
So we can reap the harvest of war

Welcome to the concert hall
Come on in and take your seat
Watch the bloodstained orchestra
Play the machine gun symphony

Father cries for the son he lost
Mother weeps as she hangs up the phone
A widowed wife’s beloved has paid the cost
She must now face the world alone
Track Name: To Those Still Grieving
And when I lie peacefully deep in the earth
Who will remember my story?
And when I am motionless in that final place
Who will remember my name?

Do not mourn, celebrate; get back on your feet
For though my life was short, I have lived complete

The final chapter is never read first
So turn the next page as you follow the hearse

Loved ones visit me once in a while
A couple of pennies and a rose, kind of like a smile

You were my light, my seraphim eyes
I still hold your love
And I will join you someday
Track Name: The Unwanted
Answer me this question, if you have a moment
Do you know any more than me?
I’ve grown up in one big fantasy

Master of my household, crumbled as it may be
The words I speak and those I seek
Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing
Till the end of spoken time

But when the greedy hand burst in and took that time from me
Made the path untrodden and cut down the knowing tree

Tell me how you’ve fooled me all this time
Ask you why I’ve waited down the line
Show me who to find to shed some light
Cause I’m still in the dark of winter night
The truth is waiting bright and I’m frightened for my life

And maybe this is just how things were destined
And maybe I’m a fool to believe you
And maybe I should look a little harder
And maybe it just doesn’t matter
But I’ve made it all this way just okay now
And I’ll be damned if you’re giving me the truth now
I’m safe here in my little world
Track Name: Down at Ridley Park
She promised me my twenty-third Psalm
Like the lamb so easily taken
Well here I am by these still waters

So young and stupid, could this be the end
Of a childhood and visions of freedom
Is no one else to blame?

Down at the creekside I’m holding my breath
Should I carry on burdened or face off with death
The earth at my feet and the heavens above
They both await my advance

Tempt me, please, just as she tempted me
How did it come down to this?
The wait is long enough to drive you to madness

Cause this game is a two-way street now
And I’m not about to make room for more
But of course it’s what you wanted

And nobody bothered to ask what was wrong
Even after the judgement that tarried so long
The world doesn’t need another failure of men
You obviously don’t need me now

So should I take this irreversible chance
After how I got myself into this whole circumstance
And if she’ll drag me along and act like everything’s okay
They won’t make a prisoner out of me

Well the artists are probably dying for a chance
To put this to song, take advantage of my circumstance
Exploit the one who bowed out and let his future go
Cause the only truth we know comes so easy

Well I’ve had these things to say
Now let the water take me away
Track Name: Gas Station Heroes
In the smoke-veiled moon
Like stray cats we roamed the barren streets
Owned the barren streets
And you and me and he and she, together we were nobodies
Waxing calm and biding for the sun

And here I’m made arousing wishes for that love
Reserved for the few that remain
For the cold and stale and apathetic dream brought corrosion and fear
And I wish I could have seen it fade away

And the years that led to this
And the tears that led to this
I thought the record would keep spinning on
But the song that meant so much to us lost its luster over time
And they’re gone
Now they’re gone

Then you find yourself alone
Curled up hoping that someone that you know finds you there
Drawing lines between the stars in the sky
Maybe the picture will be clear
You say that they’re a blessing
But you have been the blessing all this time
Well I’d stay a little later
But I’ve got to wake up at dawn tomorrow morning

Biding for the sun
Could you feel my love
All along

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